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Emerald City Investigators. is a locally owned and operated Puget Sound area private investigative services company. At Emerald City Investigators. we are dedicated to assisting our clients in a professional manner and understand the client puts a level of confidence and trust in our company which we take very seriously. Our character as a professional private investigative company is very important to us. We know when Preparation and Opportunity are combined, you get “Results”. This is the foundation of Emerald City Investigators.  

We know there are several reasons to hire a private investigator; from investigating suspected insurance fraud or infidelity, to locating missing persons, or child custody, to electronic countermeasures, and executive, personal, and dignitary protection. To find a private investigator, you can look in the Dex yellow pages or look on the Internet as more and more have their own web sites. You can make your choice based upon certain criteria - from alphabetical order to an agency name and logo, or to location.  So who will you pick?

Insurance professionals and attorneys have it easier than you because they are likely hire a particular investigative agency based upon the recommendation of a colleague.  Besides, they are literally surrounded by investigators because their profession often requires intense investigative discovery.  Most of you, however, have to rely upon impressions they get from interviewing an investigator, advice from their own attorney, and instinct when deciding the when, where, and who. We recommend using the same care as when hiring a professional service provider. Being careful and understanding the risks will allow you to have a more effective and useful relationship with your private investigator.

At Emerald City Investigators. we want to earn your business and understand there are a lot of private investigators and investigation companies out there. When you narrow it down, what you really want are “Results”. You want to hire a private investigator that can get the job done and get the “Results” to you. Our focus is on just that, getting “Results”.  We provide a comprehensive investigation for each of our clients and when we have gathered all the information available, we provide you with a written report explaining all the facts in detail.

When Preparation and Opportunity meet, what you get are “Results”. We want to earn your business and provide you with facts and answers. When you are ready, we will be here to assist you.

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